Ask Fund Manager

Vision & Mission



What do we aspire to achieve?


Why do we exist and how do we serve our customers?


What does the business believe in?

Our Vision

“To be the most coveted Savings and Investment company, while leading the effort to make the saving population and industry grow”

Our Mission

“To be the preferred Savings and Investment Manager in Pakistan by being best in class in customer services and maximizing stakeholders’ value”

Our Core Values

These four Core Values are our bond, our foundation and reflect our character and what we stand for as an organization:

  • HONESTY – We ensure to build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders
  • INTEGRITY – We work with integrity in everything we do, and embody our principles when working with stakeholders as well as internal and external customers. We assure to promote the integrity for the ultimate benefit for everyone
  • ETHICS – As a trusted custodian of customer funds, we are committed to conforming to the highest level of ethical standards in the workplace that involves putting customer interest first and maintaining our stakeholders’ trust in the Company
  • PROFESSIONALISM – We value everyone and treat our external and internal customers and our stakeholders with respect, dignity and professionalism